Our History

All About K-Span

Since 1978

All about K-Span

K Span General Contracting LLC is a proud member of ASCORP Holdings PSC and has been established since 2011 in the United Arab Emirates and specializes in providing engineering solution from design to installation in the following fields:

* K-Span Building Systems
* General Contracting Works
* Engineering and Electromechanical Services

Our team provides, civil, structural and electromechanical designs to suite any architectural requirement. The exceptional effort of our management staff and partner, combined with the team work of professional engineers and skilled workers and technician built the foundation that enabled us to excel and to prosper throughout the years of our operations. We take pride in providing products and services of superior value in terms of quality.

Our Skilled Team


Each staf member at K-Span focuses exclusively on excellence, we have choosed our team taking into account their experience and ability to handle all tasks.


Kamal M.K Abuhassira

Project Manager


Ammar Nawaf Al Muhammad

Office Manager


Binshad Mohammed Amin

Accounts Manager


Mahmoud Salem Mohamed

Logistics Manager


Ahmed Remaly

Technical Manager


Shuhaib Kalathil Hashim

Project Engineer


Yasser Hassan

Project Engineer


Jahangir Iqbal

Civil Engineer


Mujeeb Alam

Civil Engineer


Muhammad Mekkoth Poyil

Electrical Engineer


Thahir Hassan

Civil Engineer


Ahmed Gamal

Mechanical Engineer


Nidhin Muralidharan

Mechanical Engineer


Tahir Hassan

Civil Engineer


Hosam Mohamed

Planning Engineer


Razan Mahamood

Computer Engineer

All About Us

Our Policies

See what are our main policies, we have been known for doing what we says, aiming to bring favourable results for its customers as soon as possible.